Apple Teacher? Google Certified? Why do I need these?!?!

What does it mean to be an Apple Teacher ?

or a Google Certified Educator ?

This Question was submitted by Ariel, a student from ESU. Go Hornets!

Why is getting Apple education badges or Google certified important as teacher? Can that help you when applying for jobs? One of my teachers talked about it briefly this week but didn’t really tell us how to obtain the certification or why it is important.

TL;DR(Too Long, Didn’t Read): These are training and assessment programs from each vendor. They both require you to study and take exams to earn the certification. Google exams cost $$, Apple exams are Free. They are not required to get a job but do look good on a resume if the district you are applying for uses that technology. An overwhelming majority of school districts use Google, less use Apple. You can do both, there is no conflict of interest.