About Me

Have Questions about how use Tech in the Classroom?

You’re in the right place.

I’m here to help.

I had no idea what tools or strategies were best when I first started teaching. So I did what any young, poor educator would do, I tried EVERYTHING that was free!

I tried to find answers but I didn’t have anyone that would answer my questions specifically, I had to pour through blog post after blog post and article after article to figure how to use this wonderful technology to make learning better for my students.

That’s why I’m here.




I’m here for you because I was you. I wish I had someone that I could ask questions and get advice from as I started out as an educator.

I’m your EdTech Uncle, here to answer your questions and
give you advice as you move along your journey as an educator,
whether you are an aspiring educator or a seasoned veteran,
I want to help.

My Story

I started as an Orchestra Teacher

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